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Photo courtesy of Karajannis Lab at MSKCC

The PBTC encourages submission of clinical trial concepts for consideration by the PBTC Scientific Committee. Any PBTC investigator may submit a concept for review. Non-PBTC investigators may also submit directly to the Operations, Biostatistics and Data Management Core (OBDMC) and may serve in the capacity of protocol study chair (PSC) if the concept becomes a protocol. In the case of a non-PBTC investigator initiated protocol, the PCS’s Institution will be recognized as a “Participating Institution” and shall be supported for their effort consistent with the manner in which Full Member institutions are reimbursed for patient specific research studies and accrual. Participating Institutions may enroll patients on the trial that is the basis for their affiliation with the PBTC. Such affiliation will cease when the trial or study is completed; the affiliate institution will be responsible for continued follow-up information as may be required.