PBTC Progress to Date

The Consortium enrolled its first patient in February 2000. 

As of December 1, 2015:

Patients accrued to date


Number of therapeutic protocols open

ABT-888 + RT (phase I/II);
AZD6244 (phase II);
HSV1716 (phase 1);
PegIntron (phase II);
PD-0332991 (phase I);
MK-3475 (phase II);
Pomalidomide (phase I);

Number of therapeutic protocols closed

T mafosfamide in infants (phase I/II) ;
SU5416 (phase I);
SCH 66336 (phase I);
IT Busulfan (phase I);
O6-BG & Temodar (phase I);
STI571 (phase II);
ZD1839 + RT(phase II);
Gliadel & O6-BG (phase I);
Oxaliplatin (phase II);
Intratumoral IL-13 (phase I/II);
Celengitide (phase I);
TP-38 (phase I/II);
Zarnestra + RT (phase I);
O6-BG & Temodar (phase II);
GW572016 (phase I/II);
VNP40101M (phase I);
CC-5013 (phase I);
Intratumoral Topotecan (phase I);
Capecitabine + RT (phase I);
Avastin + Irinotecan (phase II);
Enzastaurin (phase I);
MK-0752 (phase I);
GDC-0449 (phase I);
ABT-888 + Temozolomide (phase I);
Capecitabine + RT (phase II);
AZD2171 (phase I);
GDC-0449 - Adult (phase II);
PTC299 (phase I);
AZD6244 (phase I);
GDC-0449 (phase II);
p28 (phase I);
Imetelstat (Molecular Biology and Phase II);
SAHA + Isotretinoin (feasibility);
BKM120 (phase I) ;

Number of therapeutic protocols in development


Number of non-therapeutic protocols open


Number of non-therapeutic protocols closed


Number of non-therapeutic protocols in development


Number of concepts reviewed to date























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